This page is your resource for the top most commonly asked questions. Start by viewing and printing "Favorite Recipes and Oils Now What?" Live Chat hours (doterra.com) with customer service - open from 8am-10pm MDT M-F and 9am-2pm MDT Saturday and phone number 800-411-8151. email service@doterra.com (email is not the quickest way to get a response) Doterra Catalog/Product Guide: http://media.doterra.com/us/en/brochures/product-guide.pdf View and print our Team E-book  Below you will find the following resources: 1. I am new to oils - what do I do now.2. How to make rollers, sprays, veggie caps, use diffusers.3. How do I order next, LRP (Rewards Monthly Ordering)4. Safety and Photosensitivity5. I want to host a class & get free stuff. How?6. How to save even more with secret LRP deals7. Oil usage guide - what is safe?8. Educational Videos9. Jackson, age 12, tells you what he uses video10. Sharing & Building doTERRA11. What plastics are safe?12. How to redeem POINTS13. I want to help someone get oils...now what?14. How to take the LLV - Lifelong Vitality Vitamins15. Return Policy16. I helped some friends enroll and I got $ from doTERRA - what for? How do I get more thank you $17. I Enrolled someone, now what?18. Safety Myths debunked (Allergic to oils?, Lavender & Boys' Breasts, Peppermint & Eucalyptus for children, Do Oils Expire?)19. How to Care for Diffusers.20. How to tell your friends to get started in doTERRA. Thank you so much for helping your friends and family begin their journey to wellness with doTERRA!Sincerely,Margaret RaittSilver Wellness Advocate and Educator

    March 19, 2019 · FAQ's
    March 19, 2019 · FAQ's
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