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    AromaHope - Hope for those living with

    Alzheimer's & other neurodegenerative disorders

    My best friend was diagnosed with early on-set Alzheimer's at the age of 54, three years ago. I also have several friends who have lost their parents to this horrible disease. In 2007, my mom passed away from ALS which led me to my discovery of plant medicine and essential oils. 


    I have done a lot of research for prevention as well as options once diagnosed. No one knows what causes a person to receive such a diagnosis. Since conventional medicine has not offered much hope, I want to share my knowledge. I have volunteered in hospice and various memory care facilities and we have seen great results using Aroma, especially with hand touch. If you are looking for tools to help your loved one (and you), I'd be honored to help. God is calling me to use my knowledge to help those dealing with this horrible disease. It is my passion to offer you natural options that can provide HOPE & improve your quality of life. Please click on the button below and answer all the questions to see if this is something for you and your loved one. I'd be honored to help you explore your options.


    If you work in a memory care facility, I'd love to offer my training to your staff. 


    God Bless, Margaret Raitt

    Founder of AromaHope, LLC