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How to make a roller, spray, veggie cap, how to fill a diffuser and where to buy them. What Resources we like best to know all of this.

💧MCT fractionated coconut oil - get this product-
it's high quality, made in USA, low cost, ingestible!

💧Why dilute with carrier oil?…/science-safety-physiology-fresh-l…

☑️ROLLERS :10ml - order on your doTERRA account (6 pack for only $4.75)
☑️SPRAY BOTTLES: 30 ml - order on your doTERRA account (3 pack for $3.75)
☑️VEGGIE CAPS: order from DōTERRA $4 a bottle
☑️DIFFUSERS: 300-500ml off Amazon $20-$35 (use about 3-4 drops per 100ml). Doterra's are better by far, but these are ok until you can afford more of doTERRA's.
☑️BOOK: The Essential Life Book 4th Edition Amazon $30 or
☑️APP: EoEbooks App $7.99

Youtube video if not on facebook:

Doterra Catalog/Product Guide -