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💧Click the USE POINTS box next to each item and choose how many you want free of that item. If there is not box in the points column, you can't redeem points on it. You must have enough $points to pay for the item in full. You do not apply a partial $points amount to an item.

💧You MUST check out immediately when cashing in points. You cannot save your cart with points redeemed. Click process now and continue checking out.

✌🏻Items you cannot use points on: Diffusers, specialty kits like Enrollment kits, Holiday Items, Limited Time Offers, Limited Quantity Offers. You can use points on 98% of what doterra sells. When a special priced set is redeemed with points, they will take the points for the full price, for example, Lifelong Vitality is a special price in the LRP monthly cart of $79.50 but it's normally $150, so if you cash in points, it will take $150 so don't cash in points on that, buy it outright for the special $79.50 extra discounted price.

👍🏻The REDEMPTION FEE is only a flat $3 now. Save your points and cash them at once. They expire in 12 months. You aren't paying for product and your shipping is being credited back. The fee covers them putting the package together and shipping it out.

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